Room 4

sound performances

in a display by Lucas Uhlmann

THU 05 DEC    Doors 19:00

  • Lionel Friedli + Gilles Furtwängler + Louis Schild have been an active trio since 2014. I create my life, I create the exact amount of my financial freedom. J’ai bien joui. is a proposal created in a spirit split between silence and unleashing. For Room 4, between Johannesburg and Neuchâtel, via internet communication technologies, the three artists will bring together their practices (voice, drums, percussion, bass and others) in an intercontinental performance that brings together energies.

  • Félicia Atkinson develops a multi-faceted artistic work that navigates between music, poetry and fine arts. She is interested in the elusive relationship between microcosms and macrocosms. Although many of her compositions are shaped by language, her latest album, The Flower & The Vessel, ventures into silence, absence and voicelessness in the wilderness.

SUN 08 DEC    Doors 16:00

  • PURPURA offers harsh noise sets with an extraordinary telluric force. Using analog electronic instruments, homemade oscillators or feedback, she immerses us in a bath of frequencies, from the lowest to the most strident, and pushes everyone's threshold of resistance to its extreme to access what she calls "opening portals of the underworld".

  • Axelle Stiefel uses her own amplified voice and language as a source material. Through ordinary gestures and words, stuttering or moments of latency, such as the intervals created by inhaling a cigarette, she activates the sensitivity of her audience and invites them to become aware of the uniqueness of the shared situation.

FRI 13 DEC    Doors 19:00

  • Claudia Stöckli creates installations in the form of a constantly evolving laboratory that she activates with sound performances. She explores, through polyphonic sounds, the state of the earth and tries to approach non-human beings. In the context of Room 4, she invites Nicolas Buzzi (synthesizer) to experiment new forms and collective ideas.

SAT 14 DEC    Doors 19:00

  • David de la Cendre can proudly claim to be the creator of small sound earthquakes. Equipped with a bass guitar and a panel of pedals with the most diverse effects, he sets his audience on long gravelly beaches and gradually carries them away in a tide made of buzzing and crackling.

  • Effraction Vacances (Julie Semoroz et Emma Souharce) proposes a mutant pop ballad on field recording background. The two accomplices take as a starting point for each of their gigs a mainstream song that they brutally decompose to extract a delightful sound magma.

  • JMO (Julie Semoroz) sculpts sound using several sources such as field recording, live microphones as well as her voice through software and hardware elements. Her sound pieces are like inner journeys into the unconscious where one penetrates areas of shadows. Her work questions the relationship of the individual to mechanical and organic time in his bodily practices. She questions the post-industrial consumerist society and new technologies. In a research of ecology in the sense of "housing", Julie Semoroz poses the question of how to inhabit our bodies and our lives in society.

  • SOUHARCE (Emma Souharce) lives with her electric and electronic instruments that she transforms and manipulates sometimes like toys, sometimes like tools of massive decomposition. With a disconcerting freedom of movement, between lo-fi caresses and micro-machine screams, she sculpts in the sound material to extract the most subtle harmonies and dissonances. Through her landscapes with their turbulent and rugged physicality, this ritualistic alchemist works a trance resulting from a series of intense movements with benevolent resolution, with the secret ambition of reaching complete symbiotic states.

Entrance : CHF 5.- (free for members)

Room 4 is a space dedicated to sound performance, experimentation and diffusion. This environment, designed by artist and designer Lucas Uhlmann, offers a setting for a profound hearing experience. In the enfilade of a bar, where the audience meets leaning on the counter, a hallway leads to a room with curved padded lines in which stools are scattered, ready to welcome listeners. The notion of time is very quickly altered and gradually adjusts to the rhythm of the sounds filling the space. Everything here points to exceptional moments. The performers stand on the same level as the audience and offer them an intimate, sometimes gentle, sometimes brutal one-on-one experience ; moments of communion of which only the rumour of a place that would have existed will remain. About twenty performances, developing over eight events between 22 November and 14 December, will make up the contrasting programme of Room 4.