Lecture-performances Event

May 11 from 14h to 18h

14:00  Opening

14:30  Lecture by Samantha Bohatsch (DE), mixed feelings
     Neha Kudchadkar (IN), artiste en résidence

     Book launch
     Exhibition booklet
     Catalogue of Franziska Baumgartner, Spots, 2019

16:30  Chosen Readings, by Stéphanie Rosianu (CH), « Cette Question qui vous Brûle les Lèvres »
     Lecture - Samantha Bohatsch scorpio season

In the exhibition « Cette Question qui vous Brûle les Lèvres », the works of nine artists and artists in residence take place in the walls of CAN: Brigham Baker, Franziska Baumgartner, Samantha Bohatsch, Marc Buchy, Alison Darby, Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Marta Djourina, Neha Kudchadkar, Sidsel Ladegaard. Three authors, Sara Petrucci, Jacques Henri Sennwald and Simon W Marin, were also invited to enrich the exhibition with their texts, initiated as a carte blanche. The essays are presented in the booklet of the exhibition and joined by poetic interventions by Dominic Michel in correspondence with the work of Brigham Baker and Simone Lappert created after Franziska Baumgartner’s work “Spots”.

As part of this exhibition conceived of as an open letter, written in multiple hands, the event of May 11th will be precisely dedicated to words, writings, language and formulated thoughts. Together with the launch of the exhibition’s booklet and Franziska Baumgartner’s catalog “Spots” the artist Neha Kudchadkar, based in Mumbai, will present her work and research conducted during her residency at CAN. Readings performed by artist Samantha Bohatsch and chosen readings by Stéphanie Rosiano will also punctuate the day.